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Who are we?

Friend Software was founded in 2014 in Norway, concerned with both decentralized and enterprise network technology. We have customers and partners all over the world who see the need for flexibility in cloud solutions.

What do we do?

We offer you FriendUP, a cloud infrastructure technology (IaaS) with a (DaaS) Chrome OS like desktop environment and Android/iOS like smartphone environment (app). With this technology, you can integrate and consume your cloud services with more opportunities for customization and mobility, at a low price point. FriendUP comes with several powerful features, like customized cloud storage, video conferencing, application access (Windows or web apps), user access and authentication and much more.

Why should you care?

Resources and services are increasingly fragmenting across the internet. FriendUP is your pivotal point where you access your cloud services on any device, for office work, integration and even entertainment - all with a single sign on. Friend brings in the freedom of open source, while offering professional technical support and know-how. With Friend, you can break free from silos and build your own cloud that is perfectly adapted to your needs.

This is FriendUP - Connecting Everything

What we offer

Mobile office with zero deployment costs

Deploy your applications to users across all their devices with zero deployments costs. All that your users need is a modern web browser.

A flexible framework for the future

The Friend Workspace is a place where web applications can interact and users can multitask across platforms and devices – within the same system and easy to use interface.

Application lifecycle extension

Move your applications to the cloud. Friend allows you to make your data and application cloud accessible in the most secure and cost effective way.

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Open source version

The Friend Unifying Platform is available as open source licensed under the AGPL v3.

Access our demo

Get ready to try the future! Try the Friend Workspace demo online.

Some of our apps

Friend Create

Friend Create is our built-in integrated development environment. As FriendUPs IDE it has all the features you need to build awesome applications. Supports syntax highlighting, project management and packaging.


Author gives you rich text editing across all of your devices. Use it for work, study or just to write down your thoughts. Supports several file formats, including .odt, .doc/x and .html and comes with print preview for convenience.


Friend Chat gives you a unique ability to video chat with anybody, peer to peer, without needing to install extra software. We use state of the art web technology to give you the best possible audio and video quality.

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