About us

About the Friend Software Corporation

The Friend Software Corporation is the parent company of Friend Software Labs and Friend Studios. We are a software company with offices in Oslo and Stavanger, Norway

We are developing next generation web application technology for connecting users and developers to resources in a unifying way. The first product in the pipeline is called the Friend Unifying Platform.

Our fantastic team


Friend Software Labs was founded in Stavanger, Norway in March 2014 with the vision of building and distributing the Friend Unifying Platform, FriendUP. After having developed the prototype and initial documentation, the company was furthered by funding provided by a combination of government grant programs and private investors.

By the summer of 2014, the company moved its primary offices to Oslo, whilst keeping a local presence in Stavanger. The Oslo offices were established to gain access to the vibrant technology community in the capital of Norway as well as to expand the community of developers established in Stavanger to Oslo and abroad.

Today, Friend Software Labs is a fast paced, ambitious and rapidly growing young company, employing people both in Norway and abroad.