Friend Unifying Platform – Open Source

FriendUP Open Source

Our open source is available since our first public beta at

Not all applications available in the public demo are part of the open source version as we have not yet defined clear strategies for those yet. The open source version of FriendUP is licensed under the AGPL v3.

Some of our open source apps

Friend Chat

This is the solution for all of your video / audio conferencing needs. Friend Chat supports encrypted peer-to-peer communication using video, sound and text based messaging. Using an intuitive interface, participants can be invited through an open web link.

Friend Create

Friend Create is our built-in integrated development environment. As FriendUPs IDE it has all the features you need to build awesome applications. Supports syntax highlighting, project management and packaging.


Author gives you rich text editing across all of your devices. Use it for work, study or just to write down your thoughts. Supports several file formats, including .odt, .doc/x and .html and comes with print preview for convenience.

Friend Jukebox

The Friend Jukebox is a music player for the Friend Workspace. It allows you to set up your own playlists and listen to music while you work. It supports a range of web compatible music file formats and has all the basic functionality you would expect from a top quality mp3 player.

Friend Shell

The Friend Shell is the Command Line Interface (CLI) in Friend Workspace. It allows you to control the Workspace using text commands. Additionally, it allows you to run scripts and manage your entire FriendUP user account.