Merge software into one integrated solution

Friend Softmerge is offers services for companies and organizations who use multiple web apps and Windows applications as part of their day-to-day activity.

By distributing these applications through the Friend Workspace, multiple usernames and passwords are encrypted and managed through a single sign on (SSO).

Friend Softmerge is the solutions and services subsidiary in Friend Software Corporation, simplifying cloud solutions for customers in many different industries.

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Softmerge using the powerful Friend Workspace

Simplify your cloud by merging storage disks, cloud services, web- and Windows applications in a single sign-on Workspace.


Friend Softmerge offers customizable base products that give you the next generation in cloud solutions and uncompromizing web access.

Friend Workspace

Friend Server

  • Cloud storage
  • Video conferencing server
  • Instant messaging
  • Automation service
  • Two factor authentication
  • Freedom to choose server provider

Friend Workspace

  • Desktop and mobile access
  • Encryption on client
  • Passwordless login to web applications, storage and services (single sign-on)
  • User interface for administrators

Friend Workspace Pro

Friend Server *

  • Windows server integration
  • Database integrations

Friend Workspace *

  • White label design
  • Customized mobile apps
  • Windows applications

* Includes all of the features of Friend Workspace.

Friend Community

Friend Community is our answer to Facebook for Business and a serious collaboration solution.

Some features:

  • Themable collaboration solution
  • Instant messaging services
  • Calendar services
  • Book meetings, manage events
  • Powerful search feature
  • Own modules (order management, budgeting, invoicing, etc)
  • Smart TV mode (showroom)
  • Groups and subgroups
  • Wall (newsfeed)
  • Library, media previews
  • Friend apps (mobile & desktop)
  • Client side data encryption
  • REST API for developers
Friend Community - our Business Collaboration solution.